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2011  SP9YFF
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SP9CXX  sk. 06.09.2011y.  R.I.P
In 2011 Radioklub activated  38 WFF objects, 2 (WAO)-astronomical observarories,
1castels for WCA,1 (WZOO)-zoo  ,- including 10 ,,new on-s".
 First time in Poland activated objects for World Deserts Award and World Zoological Parks Award that are part of Planet Earth Award.
Traditionally, like every year we worked on Green Day.
This year has brought us a change in the rules of WFF with which we disagree and consider them to be undesirable, limiting possibilities development of the program.
 At the end of the year we have a LoTW  overall 41,058 QSO and 8,019 QSL records.
We would feel humble and grateful to receive any feedback from more experienced operators
than ourselves, however we will be ignoring those whose only intention is to criticise others.
If you take pleasure in working with us - we are very glad. If not, you have to choices - one
(an easy one) to switch of your radio or change your frequency and the other to join the expedition
and show what you can do.
List of gotten amount qso from expedition 2011 year.- here.
On this year also a member of our club Chris SP9BGL received confirmation 2000 WFF-s
objects on WFF Log Search.
We are not subsidized by any organizations or institutions.

                                                                            31.12.2011               by SQ9CXC,SQ9IDG,SP9UPK
 wca wda 01    wao 01 wzoo 01
SPFF- 561* SP9YFF/p   NA     Ostoja Srodkowojurajska     23.01.2011  PGA ZW05
SPFF- 505   SP9YFF/p   PLA   Otulina Orlich Gniazd     23.01.2011  PGA ZW05
SPFF-181 SP9YFF/6   NA     Dolina Malej Panwi  05-06.02.2011  PGA TE07
SPFF- 595*CastleGTG02 SP9YFF/p    LP     Zabytkowy P.K. Swierklaniec     20.02.2011  PGA TG07
SPFF- 613* SP9YFF/6   PLA   Leg Zdzieszowicki     08.03.2011  PGA AP05
SPFF- 199   SP9YFF/p   R       Gora Grojec     12.03.2011  PGA LX08
SPFF- 187   SP9YFF/p   R       Ochojec     24.03.2011  PGA KB01
SPFF- 167   SP9YFF/p   NLG  Zrodla Klodnicy     24.03.2011  PGA KB01
SPFF- 012   SP9YFF/p   NP     Ojcowski  08-09.04.2011  PGA KR15
SPFF- 617   SP9YFF/p   R       Wawoz Bolechowicki      10.04.2011  PGA KR16
SPFF- 052   SP9YFF/7   LP     Kozubowski     15.04.2011  PGA PI03
SPFF- 129  SP9YFF/7   LP     Szaniecki     15.04.2011  PGA PI02
SPFF- 616   SP9YFF/p   NA     Armeria     30.04.2011  PGA OZ03
SPFF- 252 SP9YFF/p   PLA   Przelajka  04-06.05.2011  PGA EM01
SP9YFF   Club Meeting   ( QRV from HQ  QTH !! )     28.05.2011  PGA BN04
SPFF- 341 SP9YFF/p   R        Babczyna Dolina     04.06.2011  PGA PY02
SPFF- 615 SP9YFF/p   NA      Pleszczotka     10.06.2011  PGA OZ03
SPFF- 247SP9YFF/p   NA      Pustynia Bledowska  WFF Green Day 2011  11-12.06.2011  PGA OZ04
SPFF- 149SP9YFF/p   R        Segiet    22.07.2011  PGA YT01
SPFF- 343SP9YFF/p   NA      Podziemia Tarnogorsko-Bytomskie    23.07.2011  PGA TG04
SPFF- 344SP9YFF/p   NLG    Doly Piekarskie    24.07.2011  PGA TG04
SPFF- 247SP9YFF/p   NA      Pustynia Bledowska  " Desert Mirages "    30.07.2011  PGA OZ04
SPFF- 471*SP9YFF/p   ES      Lasek Chropaczowski  11-12.08.2011  PGA ET01
SPFF- 240SP9YFF/7   R        Biale Lugi  13-14.08.2011  PGA KI05
SPFF- 037SP9YFF/7   LP      Cisowsko-Orlowinski  14-15.08.2011  PGA KI05
SPFF- 569*SP9YFF/p

  PLA    Radlowsko-Wierzchoslawicki

   24.08.2011  PGA TA12
SPFF- 518*SP9YFF/p   ES      Zrodliska na Zakawiu    28.08.2011  PGA DG01
SPFF- 595CastleGTG02 (SP9YFF)
  LP      Zabytkowy P.K. Swierklaniec    04.09.2011  PGA TG07
SPFF- 153SP9YFF/p   R        Jeleniak Mikuliny  23-24.09.2011  PGA LX06
SPFF- 495*SP9YFF/8   R        Szwajcaria Ropczycka    03.10.2011  PGA RO03
SPZOO- 012* SP9YFF/p   ZOO   Slaski Ogrod Zoologiczny    15.10.2011  PGA CW01
SPAO- 016* SP9YFF/p   AO     Astronomical Observatory im. Jana Palta    05.11.2011  PGA CW01
SPFF-042SP9YFF/2   LP     Gostyninsko-Wloclawski    06.11.2011  PGA WL09
SPFF- 230SP9YFF/p   NA      Torfowisko Sosnowiec Bory    12.11.2011  PGA NI01
SPFF- 434SP9YFF/p   MN      Wywierzyska    12.11.2011  PGA DG01
SPFF- 533SP9YFF/p   PLA     Potok od Solarni    19.11.2011  PGA MW04
SPFF- 360SP9YFF/p   R         Dolina potoku Rudno  24-25.11.2011  PGA KR01
SPFF- 026
AO- 008*
  LP       Bielansko-Tyniecki
  AO       Nicolaus Copernicus' Observatory
   07.12.2011  PGA KM01
SPFF- 148SP9YFF/p   NLG     Zabie Doly    11.12.2011  PGA YT01
SPFF- 437SP9YFF/p   NLG     Suchogorski Labirynt Skalny    18.12.2011  PGA YT01
SPFF- 215SP9YFF/p   PLA     Wzgorze Sw. Doroty Bedzin-Grodziec    23.12.2011  PGA BN01
SPFF- 184SP9YFF/p   NLG     Park w Reptach i dolina rzeki Dramy    24.12.2011  PGA TG09
SPFF- 161SP9YFF/p   NLG     Szopienice-Borki    28.12.2011  PGA MF01

NLG - Nature & Landscape Group        - Reserve           NA Natura 2000            PLA - Protected Landscape Area

NP - National Park        LP - Landscape Park        - Castles        ES - Ecological Site      MN - Monument of Nature

№ World Castles Award           № SP Castles           № SPFF           TiFP

    * - "NEW ONE (first activ)"                      map - approximate location

CLICK!     SPZOO-012 Silesian Zoological Garden     CLICK!

CLICK!    SPAO-016  Astronomical Observatory im. Jana Palta    CLICK!

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